What you should do in spring

Spring is the time when we all want to shred not only these winter coats (which I am actually really in love with) and wear something lighter. Well, this is not meant just for our wardrobes. So here are my few tips you should stick to this (and every) spring.


1.    Sticking to your already given up New Year’s resolution

Maybe you wanted to lose some weight, get fit (so as my resolution has been) or perhaps you wanted to run a new blog (which has been my second resolution). You were determined to stick to your new lifestyle, and/or going to the gym three times a week. On the 1st of January you were ready to follow your plan but few months later you are at the same place you were before – nowhere.

What about taking it up again? I guess you do not need a specific date in calender to change anything in your life, and tell me, when is better time to start than right now?

2.   Detox

Yes, because your body needs to cleanse time by time, and if you really want to start new, hopefully healthy lifestyle, this is great way to kick off. Even if it is just water with cutted lemons or 30 minutes of walk every day.


3.    Sort out wardrobe

So you still believe you will one day wear that over patterned sweather your grandma gave you, and you have not thrown it away just because you thought it would break her heart? How sweet! You know what? Get rid of it, now! Or you will have a wardrobe full of pieces like this.

Get rid of all those clothes you did not thrown away last year because you thought you would wear it but you did not. You would be surprised of wearable pieces buried in your wardrobe which you can wear again, and which you completely forgot about.

4.    Shopping

Out with the old, and in with the new. You must refill what you have thrown away. The Fashion Week takes place in Paris right now, so get inspired, take your BFF, and shop new goodies for your ransacked wardrobe.

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