Wardrobe essentials

Hello everyone,

To build the perfect style your wardrobe does not have to count hundreds or thousands pieces. All you need are just a few garments which you can combine with each other, and create the perfect outfit for the day.


The classic and timeless coat which you can wear whole autumn and winter. Plus appropriately chosen coat can conjure you up an amazing silhouette.



Yeah, cozy sweather is always handy.


This one is not perfect just for days in work, it is a great garment for every day wearing.

Little black dress

Because sometimes you have nothing to wear to a party or a meeting, and having a well-fitng little black dress in your wardrobe is always an advantage.

Little white dress

This is my absolute favourite. Well, white colour in general is my favourite. If LBD is a classic, then for me LWD is the new classic. Who would not like to look super tenderly?


Moto jacket

Perfect spring and early autumn garment. Try to combine with a white blouse.


Same as the white blouse, wear it to work meetings or when you just want to look chic.


I suppose this is obvious. Long-sleeve, short-sleeve, etc. Colours such as black, hite or beige are essential. And do not forget about stripped one!


Obviously, again. Black, white, and jeans of course.


Yes, because women love to wear skirts. Keep eye on leather mini ones and A-line ones.



You should definitely please your little black and little white dress with several pairs of pumps in neutral colours.


Since not all of us are Carrie Bradshaw-like to wear heels all day, we have to own some comfortable shoes, as well.

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