Things you have been told all your life

There is a couple of sort of cliché sentences you ignored or just never took seriously. If it is your case then you should rethink your attitude to the thing. I will repeat them for you and hope you will take it to your heart.

First of all remember that you are beautiful the way you are therefore you should never compare yourself with others because every single one of us is unique and that is exactly what makes us beautiful.

The second thing is it is okay to be yourself, just do what you want to do because it is not your concern what others think of you, life is too short to be boring.

And finally, you are just a human so take it easy.

Jewellery essentials

Hello everyone,

We already know the Wardrobe essentials and the Accessory essentials, so today we will focus on the jewellery because diamonds are every girl’s best friends, right?



You can always skip wearing any kind of jewellery but never ever earrings.

  • Clear crystal stud earrings
  • White pearl studs earrings
  • Elegant dangle earrings


  • White pearl necklace
  • Statement necklace
  • Neutral chain necklace
  • Dainty necklace for layering


Neutral chain bracelet & Simple ring

Always keep it simple.

Metal wrist watch

Let’s consider a watch as a piece of jewellery because it can be.


Piece with a meaning

And the last but not least thing you should have in your jewellery box is the one that has a meaning for you. Do not forget about this one, this is the most important piece.

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