Writer’s block

I was sitting in my Academic English class (class for non-native English speakers) the other day, and our teacher asked, what was the writer’s block. Of approximately twenty people (none of them studying English) I was the only one who knew the answer. Initially, I had planned to write Monthly favourites blog post, but I do not have many favourites for October, so I thought I would show you what it feels like to have the writer’s block.

What the heck are words? I had a great scene in front of my eyes yesterday when I was trying to fall asleep, so right now I am just sitting here and staring at my computer. As my creative writing teacher says, “The rule number one is to give yourself permission to write rubbish.” The second rule sounds somehow like this, “Don’t think about what you’re writing you just have to vomit your ideas on your screen/paper. Only that way you can fully express your emotions.” Quite frankly, it seems my previous inspiration, which I’ve been fed yesterday has already been digested from my stomach, so I’ve got nothing to throw up, at the moment. Next time, when the muse kisses me at night, I’ll get up and write it down instantly.
Maybe if I hit the keyboard with my head, something meaningful will come out. jaehfgvbopgbv jdffhgaigrgbdbbfkjhgdbnfhugHRGVNJB JFKJGHAFGA ghajbvdaughbfDGHfkjbFaoIHJOERH. See? This makes much more sense than what I’ve written so far.

xoxo, S. V.

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