June 2017 Fashion Haul

Hello everyone,

June was quite a hectic month for me. Transferring to a different uni, moving to London, looking for a new job. But in the meantime I managed to do a little shopping to treat myself.


Mesh Bomber


When I saw this partly mesh bomber on Boohoo.com I just had to own it. I wanted something unique, something different and this was exactly what I was looking for. It’s perfect for summer when there’s not cold anymore but not as hot to not wear anything on top. Who cares it’s supposed to be a sports jacket?


Mesh T-shirt

MeshTEven though my style is usually kind of classy with nothing much extra, sometimes I like to dress more like a whore and so I ordered this T-shirt from Boohoo.com as well. I’m not trying to say that you look like a whore wearing this. Not at all. It’s just something I don’t feel like wearing every day. And that’s why I bought it because I need more unique/occasional stuff to wear.


Trench coat

SummerTrenchOkay. I already have one trench coat from Zara which I’m obssessed with. But that one is more for cold weather. This one from Primark is lighter and more eligible for slightly warmer weather. Therefore it’s perfect for summer in the UK. Now that if you meet me and ask me why I’m wearing the same trench coat all year round I will be like: “Ah no, it’s actually two different coats!”.

Storytime: I was recently in Victoria & Albert Museum in London with my friend Libby and they had there a pair of Christian Louboutin heels from 2014 on display. So, first of all, I find that item to be too recent to be an exhibit of a museum and while I was imagining a lady walking by in the same pair of pumps and feeling like she needs to buy new ones, it occured to me that maybe when I become a successful writer and later die, someone will take my iconic trench coat and put it in the museum as well. 😀


Feathery heels

FeatherHeelsCan we just appreciate for a while how exquisite these shoes are? Like seriously. I’ve been dreaming of these for some time now but never really found an affordable version and if I did my mum’s voice in my head was constantly telling me I don’t need them. Of course I don’t NEED them but if I shopped for clothes only because I needed it, I wouldn’t have basically anything. So when I saw these in Primark I just knew I needed them.


Studded heels

StuddedHeelsYou know, I have a lot of high heel shoes. Like loads of them. But none of them is like this cheap dupe from Primark of the Valentino original. So why not?



HeadphonesI was simply astounded by the beauty of these headphones from Topshop. I just can’t get enough of the rose quartz-ish decor on them.

So there you have it. Expect a lookbook including these new items soon.

xoxo, S. V.


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