Tips for Running

Hello everyone,

I’m an avid runner. One of my ultimate goals to achieve in my life is to run a marathon. I want to experience the feeling of victory upon yourself when crossing the finish line after the tiresome 26 miles. However, before I do so I’d like to share some tips for running with you. I noticed a lot of runners have quite unique ways of running which definitely hinder their experiences doing that sport. Maybe you’re already on the running bandwagon too and maybe you want to start. In both cases, this post is for you!

TIP no. 1: Use your arms
I noticed a lot of people run with their arms slightly bent in elbows and that’s it. In fact, you should be moving them too. Your arms should be bent in elbows in a 90 degree angle each and coordinate with the motion of your legs. When you run, it’s not just about legs, it’s about the coordination of the whole body.

TIP no. 2: Straighten up
You shouldn’t be bent over while running. And yet there are some runners who do that. This posture can be quite dangerous for your body and is certainly not beneficial as running should be. In fact, in order to achieve the best posture for running, you should strengthen your core.

TIP no. 3: Move your legs more
Some runners are basically dragging their legs on the ground. I get it. You’re exhausted and want to finally achieve your imaginary finish line. But if you raise your knees slightly higher when running, you’ll feel better. I promise.

TIP no. 4: Breathe
I feel like this one is sometimes overlooked. Of course, you’re unconsciously breathing all the time. However, so as to run more comfortably you need do breathe deep. You don’t need to actually count for how long you breathe in and out. Next time you go for a run pay a close to your breathing pattern.

xoxo, S. V.


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