2017 Favourites Part I: TV Series, Films, Books, Music, YouTube Channels

Hello, everyone!

2017 is coming close to its end and I made a bunch of new favourites this year. So, today’s blog post is part one of my 2017 favourites.

TV Series

For TV series, I will go with Game of Thrones season 7. I know it wasn’t the best season. My favourite character died and some of the characters and well, he has already felt dead the entire season. However, there were a few moments which gave me goosebumps (in a good way) and fully satisfied what I was waiting for. And to be honest, it was still better than the other series I watched this year.


Oh, my god! I was absolutely thrilled when I watched Thor Ragnarok. I mean, I was a bit worried at first because I was disappointed by the new Spider-Man. Yes, it’s a completely different movie, I’m pretty sure it was directed by a different director, but still. Both of the films are from Marvel. Back to Thor. Cate Blanchett was absolutely stunning and the movie made me crushing on Tom Hiddleston again.

YouTube channels

I watch YouTube a lot. More than TV. Well, I don’t even own a TV. Therefore, I watch a lot of YouTube channels but the two channels I watched the most this year are simply_kenna and Annie Tarasova. Both of them are greatly inspiring and create such aesthetically pleasing and mesmerising videos that make me excited every time they upload a new one.


I found Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl one of the most relatable books I’ve ever read. Cath and I study the same subject at uni, feel the same way about partying, making friends and socialising in general. We even have similar body features. For some reason, a relatable character, it doesn’t even have to be the main protagonist, is something I’m looking for in a book. Cath was just me in a literary form.

In 2017, I finally put my hands on A Game of Thrones. And considering it made it to this post, I loved it. I just admire the complexity of the fictional world and the imagination George R. R. Martin must possess.


This year’s music favourites are basically from just two interprets. The first one is Bebe Rexha and I’ve been obsessed with her two songs Bad Bitch and F. F. F.
The other interpret is The Chainsmokers. I fell in love with My Type, Wake Up Alone and their featuring with DJ Snake and Zayn which is called I Know.

I hope you enjoyed this post and definitely stay tuned for part two which will be about fashion and beauty. See you next time!

xoxo, S. V.


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