2017 Favourites part II: Fashion & Beauty

Hello, everyone!

The year is coming to its close and I feel like it’s time to reflect on it fashion and beauty-wise by introducing you to this year’s favourites of mine in beauty, garments I bought this year and the trends I liked. If you’d like to know my favourites in terms of TV series, films, books, music and YouTube channels, then check out part I.


L’Oréal Elvive Colour Protect Caring shampoo


I don’t have coloured hair but this shampoo leaves my hair incredibly soft and it stays clean for days. I mean, my hair tends to get greasy pretty quickly after some shampoos. I can rub the product in my hair for about five minutes, then rinse it for other five minutes and it will be greasy again the next day. For some reason, this happens after using shampoos that contain coconut extract, which sucks because I love the scent of coconut and I would love my hair to smell like it.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara


Eyebrows are the absolute favourite part of my face, and therefore, I make them look as prominent as they can while still looking natural. Which is exactly what this product helps me achieve. The small wand doesn’t leave any hair behind and the product fixes my eyebrows all day long without them looking and feeling completely waxed.



I don’t usually wear a proper foundation because I hate having a cake on my face. Often, I end up skipping the foundation/BB cream part altogether. However, if I do apply some kind of base, I reach for my GOSH cosmetics BB cream. It looks super natural and offers just a light coverage. This is pretty essential for a BB cream, right? Well, I came across a lot of BB creams which felt more like an actual foundation.

Barry M Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner


For the past several months, I have been wearing winged eyeliner every single day. However, not all eyeliners fit me well. Some make the application a total nightmare and some don’t last long. The Barry M has a tiny pointy applicator with which the application is super easy and lasts all day.

Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream in the shade Rosie 3


Okay, this one is partially the product itself and partially what I’ve done to it. I love the lip cream because throughout the day it gets completely matte with minimal transfer. However, when I was buying the product, I expected it to be a darker red than what it actually was, so I enhanced it by adding some black eyeshadow into it to darken it because none red lipstick is dark enough for me.

Makeup Revolution London Fortune Favours the Brave eyeshadow palette


This palette has been around for some time already but I bought it this year. It consists of thirty eyeshadows of different colours ranging from natural earthy toned ones to pink, blue, green and purple shades. The palette contains both matte eyeshadows as well as glitter ones. All of them are easy to blend and stay on the eyelid even without using a primer.



Here’s a list of items I purchased and couldn’t stop wearing this year.

Black backpack with feathers from Primark

Faux fur jacket from Bershka

Black blazer dress from Bershka


Burgundy T-shirt dress from Bershka

Blush pink turtleneck jumper from River Island

White lace crop top from Forever 21

White vintage top from Forever 21

Golden set of necklaces from Primark

Flower crown from Forever 21



Florals and Lace

This summer I was fell for all the flowers and lace materials even though I was avoiding them for a really long time. After years of one toned, mostly black clothes, my wardrobe suddenly started swarming with flowers, lace and, soft colours.

Boho Chic

This comes in hand with the florals and lace trend but oh, my god! I’m still here for this style, waiting anxiously for summer to come so I can wear my flower crown and maxi dresses again and feel like a goddess. I’ve been trying to implement some boho chic elements such as faux fur into my winter wardrobe but the summer version with flowers, feathers and loads of jewellery is my favourite.


By burgundy, I mean the colour, not the region in France. As autumn approached, I returned to my usual dark aesthetic, however, not entirely black and grey this year. I enjoy wearing burgundy on my clothes as well as on my lips.

That’s everything I loved this year. See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.


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