The Garments We All Should Declutter

Hello, everyone!

Today, we will have a look at what we don’t need in our wardrobes. My blog revolves around what we should have and how to style it but sometimes we need to make some space for the new and better-looking items. So, get your decluttering boxes ready, label them WEAR, SELL or DONATE, and TOSS, and let’s get into the blog post!


Everything damaged and worn off

Obviously. You won’t look good in something like that looks like your grandma wore it in the 50s and haven’t taken care of it since then. I know the jumper is cosy but the clusters of wool on it aren’t doing it any favour whatsoever. Just throw it away and buy a new one.


Everything you haven’t worn for ages

We all have those pieces hidden in our wardrobes. The garments that don’t look that bad but we completely forgot about them. If you can’t even remember it, how do you expect to wear it? In some cases, you may still like it and wear it. Then give it a try! But if you already said the same thing the last time you were decluttering, and put it on the ‘maybe’ pile, then donate it to the charity already. I’m sure they will find someone who will find a better use for it than you.


Everything that doesn’t fit

If it doesn’t fit than it might not be comfortable and therefore you don’t look or FEEL good wearing it. If you love wearing baggy clothes, then, of course, go ahead. I’m talking about too small or too large items.


Everything that doesn’t compliment your style

We all have a unique personal fashion style which tends to change over time. And that’s fine! However, it means that we need to get rid of the garments in the style we no longer like. If you purchased a neon miniskirt last year but never wore it and now you’re thinking “What was I thinking?”, now it’s the time to say farewell.


And that’s it for today’s short blog post. It’s the new year and it’s a perfect time to make more space in our wardrobes before spring comes. So, if you have any of those items in your wardrobe, just get rid of them. I wish you the best luck with doing so!

xoxo, S. V.


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