OOTD: Faux Leather Jacket & Floral Blouse

Hello everyone!

March is here and hopefully, nicer weather comes with it! It has to because this OOTD was not created for cold weather. Yep, that’s right. Today I’ve got an OOTD for you! And it’s rather springy. So let’s get into it!

The very first thing you’ll probably notice is my black pleather jacket from Takko Fashion. I bought this jacket years ago but the time hasn’t left any mark on it, and it still looks really pretty. Believe it or not, it was just hanging in my wardrobe and collecting dust. Then one day I found it and started wearing it again.


Underneath the faux leather jacket, I’m wearing a floral burgundy red blouse from Primark. I have no idea why I haven’t shown you this lovely blouse sooner. I got it back in the autumn. Well, maybe because of the flowers I was waiting for the spring to be more appropriate.


I paired this with my black high-waisted pleather trousers from New Look. I wanted this OOTD to have a vampy vibe to it, so faux leather trousers were a perfect choice.


To finish this OOTD off, I combined it with these simple black ankle boots from Forever 21. They are really pretty and just can’t ruin any outfit.


And that’s all I have for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed and let me know in the comments what you think about this OOTD!

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.


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