OOTD: Boho Blouse & Pleather Trousers

Hello everyone!

Originally, I wanted to post this OOTD tomorrow. But then yesterday, I realised that I’d like to write something different for Friday, and that it would be great if the post went up yesterday, on Wednesday. As you might have noticed, my posting schedule consists of a new post each Monday and Friday, and sometimes Wednesday. But I was already too tired to start writing anything. Hence it’s being published on Thursday. Enjoy!

I’ve been obsessed with the boho chic style since last summer. Unfortunately, I can’t pull it off as other girls do. But I’m so in love with this boho-inspired outfit. The white blouse is from Forever 21. Honestly, Forever 21 is the best place to shop for boho clothing. I mean, yeah, there are some awesome online shops as well. But I like to try the clothes on before I purchase them.


I paired the blouse with my black high-waisted pleather trousers from New Look. I wear these whenever I can. I should probably get a new pair of similar ones so I can change it up a little bit.


This gorgeous choker with chain pendants is from River Island. In this photo, you can also see some of the detailing on the blouse.


I’m wearing my strappy black ankle boots from Forever 21 because I thought they would be just perfect for this outfit. Turns out they are! They complement the overall look very well.


And that’s it for this OOTD! I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think in the comments! I really appreciate your feedback.

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.


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