May 2018 Favourites

Hello everyone!

It’s the beginning of June and that means it’s time for May favourites. I don’t really have anything special to say in this intro other than that at the time of writing I’m sitting at the airport waiting for the gate of my flight to Prague to be announced, so I’ll just jump straight into it!


Tamari Sauce

I was looking for a sauce to marinate my tofu in. I’m not a huge cook so I usually stay away from recipes that take more than 20 minutes. But I also like tofu. Marinated tofu. And I wanted to try to cook it myself. During my search, I came across tamari. It’s pretty much a soy sauce but a bit less salty. I don’t really know the difference between those two, apart from their origins. One comes from Japan and the other is widely used in the Chinese cuisine. Long story short, now I eat it with everything. Literally.


Salt of The Earth Natural Deodorant

I try to use as little non-natural cosmetic products as I possibly can. And that includes deodorants. The problem with natural deodorants is that not many of them actually work. I own a solid salt stick which is supposed to work as a natural deodorant, but it hasn’t met my expectations. Then I saw this travel-sized salt spray in Whole Foods the other day and decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, it works just fine. It reduces the odour very well.


Superdrug Fragrance Mist in Exotic

Superdrug has introduced a line of their fragrance mists inspired by different high-end perfumes. The Exotic one is apparently inspired by the YSL Black Opium. I’ve been in love with the perfume for a couple of years but had refused to purchase it because of budgeting reasons. And then Superdrug comes up with a dupe! It really does smell like Black Opium and retails only for 3.49GBP.


iDeal of Sweden Cases

This month, I have two favourite phone cases. The paint decorated one is from the Hailee Lautenbach collection and the other one is from the collaboration with Hannalicious. You can get yours if you want to at the iDeal of Sweden website. And if you use my discount code 20SARAVIKTORIE, you’ll get 20% off! This discount includes all of the items in the shop.


White Lace Shorts

I’ve been a sucker for anything white with lace on it for the past month. These cute shorts are from Primark. They are giving me serious summer vibes, and are also so comfortable. I wear them all the time. Well, all the time at home and every single time the English weather lets me.


Batiste Dry Shampoo

A dry shampoo is a good beauty product to own if you refuse to wash your hair every other day, but your hair still requires it. I knew that Batiste was a well-known dry shampoo brand in the UK but for some reason, it took me ages to give them a try myself. And let me tell you, their products are excellent.



I’ve recently started listening to Hailey Kiyoko and my top picks are: Molecules, Under the Blue, and Wanna Be Missed.

And that’s all I have for this month’s favourites. Hope you enjoyed!

See you soon!

xoxo, S. V.


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