Writer’s block

I was sitting in my Academic English class (class for non-native English speakers) the other day, and our teacher asked, what was the writer’s block. Of approximately twenty people (none of them studying English) I was the only one who knew the answer. Initially, I had planned to write Monthly favourites blog post, but I do not have many favourites for October, so I thought I would show you what it feels like to have the writer’s block.

What the heck are words? I had a great scene in front of my eyes yesterday when I was trying to fall asleep, so right now I am just sitting here and staring at my computer. As my creative writing teacher says, “The rule number one is to give yourself permission to write rubbish.” The second rule sounds somehow like this, “Don’t think about what you’re writing you just have to vomit your ideas on your screen/paper. Only that way you can fully express your emotions.” Quite frankly, it seems my previous inspiration, which I’ve been fed yesterday has already been digested from my stomach, so I’ve got nothing to throw up, at the moment. Next time, when the muse kisses me at night, I’ll get up and write it down instantly.
Maybe if I hit the keyboard with my head, something meaningful will come out. jaehfgvbopgbv jdffhgaigrgbdbbfkjhgdbnfhugHRGVNJB JFKJGHAFGA ghajbvdaughbfDGHfkjbFaoIHJOERH. See? This makes much more sense than what I’ve written so far.

xoxo, S. Viktorie

Is having children selfish?


Today I will be writing about quite controversial/unpopular opinion topic, which is having children. Personally, I do not want to have them, and this statement mostly startles the people who are asking me.
Usually, people ask themselves whether is NOT having children selfish. The fact that I do not want to have children does not mean I do not want to become a parent one day. For someone, it might seem the same, but for me, it is not.
There are 7 billion of people in the world, and this number is increasing, and is beyond the capacity of this planet, by the way. And that means, among other things, hunger and a lot of people without homes. Indeed, this is one of the reasons because I do not want to contribute to this global issue.
The second reason is related to the previous one. There are a lot of children without families, so if I ever decide to become a parent, I will adopt a child. And yes, besides biological reasons, these are a few of my main arguments. I am not saying that having children is particularly selfish, but from this point of view, it is.
I am certainly not telling that other people should follow my example. It is just my personal decision, and arguments I find appropriate.

xoxo, S. Viktorie

Atheism – a kind of religion?


This is the very first attempt to express my kind of philosophical self. Please, do not get offended by my writing style or opinions and enjoy, if possible. ūüėČ

According to statistics one-third of the world population are atheists. Me, as someone who hails from the most atheistic country in Europe, find this topic rather interesting. About 50% of citizens in the Czech Republic claim to be not religious, but instead of God, a significant part of them still believes in something beyond our world, myself included. The main difference is I call it The Universe because I was not brought up in the faith of God, therefore I find myself incompetent to call it that way.
While doing my minor research for this post I was quite surprised by the number of types of atheism. In the broadest sense, it means the absence of belief in deities and as far as I am concerned none of them admits that kind of faith (or philosophy, if you want) I described. Although, this all denies the headline of this post, for me atheism is kind of personal religion, or even better in this case – philosophy, only without any sacred texts and mythological figures. I mean, there must be something that influences our world from above, right?

xoxo, S. Viktorie

Things you have been told all your life

There is a couple of sort of cliché sentences you ignored or just never took seriously. If it is your case then you should rethink your attitude to the thing. I will repeat them for you and hope you will take it to your heart.

First of all remember that you are beautiful the way you are therefore you should never compare yourself with others because every single one of us is unique and that is exactly what makes us beautiful.

The second thing is it is okay to be yourself, just do what you want to do because it is not your concern what others think of you, life is too short to be boring.

And finally, you are just a human so take it easy.