In-Flight Travel Essentials

Hello everyone,

Today, I decided to write about what I can’t live without while traveling. Or more specifically what I can’t live without while travelling on short flights because later this week I am flying to Dubrovnik, Croatia. So, let’s get into it.


This one is a given, right? Without a passport, you wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere, but I wanted to include it anyway because it’s just the travel essential number one.


Antibacterial Hand Gel

I am certainly one of those people obsessed with hygiene who can’t touch anything without cleaning their hands first, and well, it might be a problem while travelling and so this antibacterial hand gel by Zoella Beauty saves my life every time. What I especially like about this product is, that it doesn’t smell like your typical antibacterial gel. It has a lovely fresh flowery kind of scent.


Wet Wipes

Wet wipes sort of go in hand with the antibacterial hand gel. It doesn’t matter if you use them on your face or other body parts, they just come handy.


Lip Balm

To be honest, I can’t exist without a good lip balm in general, so I thought I would include it in this list as well. Some lip balms tend to dry my lips out but this one from Nivea is excellent.


Chewing Gums

I’ve recently become an addict when it comes to chewing gums. Especially the sweet ones. For some reason, I don’t really like the usual peppermint chewing gums. I feel like the taste becomes pretty annoying after a while but these mango and lime ones from M&S are my recent favourites.



You never know when you get hungry and you also never know when you’ll be able to get some food while travelling. And to prevent eating something unhealthy it’s better to carry some snack with you. I like to have a protein bar for a snack but they usually have some dodgy ingredients so I opt for natural protein bars like this one from Pulsin.


Empty Bottle

You can’t bring a bottle of liquid to the carry-on bag control, but you can carry an empty one. And it’s certainly cheaper to have an empty bottle and refill in later than buying a new drink on the airport.



I’m pretty sure it will be sunny in Croatia when I arrive there, so these will be pretty useful. I don’t know why, but I tend to forget about them, and that’s why they are on this list because I will probably pack my carry-on with this post.



I can’t travel without listening to music. I just can’t. I also listen to a quiet music while reading because when I read in public places I get distracted by other people’s chatter.



And, as hinted, a book. In this instance, A Game of Thrones. I finally decided to read the books as well after watching the TV series for about three times already.


And that’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed it and see you soon! Also, don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel here.

P.S. Don’t forget your boarding pass, too!

xoxo, S. V.

What I Eat in a Day #1

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would do something different and something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. Today I will share with you what I eat in a day. All of the meals are vegetarian and dairy-free. I am not dairy-free all the time but I’m trying to eliminate dairy products from my diet as much as possible and on this particular day I happened to accomplish that.

Just a small disclaimer, I’m not a dietitian, this is just me sharing my meals with you. Also, I don’t count my macros nor I have any idea whatsoever about the calorie content.


I can’t skip breakfast. I always wake up hungry. It might have something to do with the fact that I eat my dinner fairly early but about that later. I’ve recently been obsessed with this egg porridge. Yes, that’s a thing. I feel like I just need to say that I have pretty strong digestion so my body responds well to the oats but I know that some people might have a problem with them. If it’s your case, I would rather opt for overnight oats or simply stove cooked porridge.

You will need:
 Banana
 Egg
 Flax seeds
 Oats
Mash the banana, add the egg, flax seeds, and oats, mix the ingredients together and put in the microwave for about two minutes and you’re done! Sometimes I eat it without any toppings but for the sake of this post, I decided to add some natural peanut butter and blueberries. I also like to drink a cup of green tea with my breakfast. And the best thing about this porridge is that it keeps me full forever. Or at least until lunch.


Well, since the breakfast is really filling I usually have just a light lunch. Today, I decided to have a sort of scrambled eggs.

You will need:
 Eggs
 Kale
 Tomatoes
 Mushrooms
Cut the tomatoes and mushrooms and fry them together with the eggs and kale on a pan as long as you like. I personally like it quite dry but I know some people like their scrambled eggs gooey.


If I have a snack I tend to opt for something light. Just like this bowl of natural peanut butter and grapes.



As I indicated before, I tend to eat my dinner quite early. Usually around 6PM. Today I decided to cook lentils with some vegetables. I chose red lentils because I like the taste better but it’s up to you. Likewise, with the beans. You can use any kind of beans of your choice. I used red kidney beans.

You will need:
 Lentils
 Kale
 Tomatoes
 Green peas
 Cucumber
 Beans
 Hummus
Cook the lentils together with the kale and tomatoes in a pot. I don’t really know how long should it take because the packaging of my lentils says “simmer for twenty minutes” but it only takes about five minutes. Nevertheless, when the lentils are done, add the peas, cucumber, and beans into the mixture and for some reason, I like to add a bit of hummus on top. I’m just obsessed with hummus.

So, I guess that’s it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to check out the video version on my YouTube channel here.

xoxo, S. V.

Lookbook Summer 2017

Hello everyone,

I feel like I haven’t done a lookbook post in such a long time. Probably because I haven’t. So, let’s just get into it.

Look no. I

I wear a burgundy off-shoulder blouse from New Look, a black faux leather skirt from Tally Weijl and chain necklaces from Primark.

Look no. II

Here I wear a white blouse with lace embellishments from Tally Weijl, a floral skirt, and bracelets from H&M.

Look no. III

This one is probably my favourite, and well, to be honest, the most impractical one as well. But who cares? The burgundy dress T-shirt is from Bershka and the thigh high boots are from New Look. The necklace is from Primark.

Look no. IV

The most casual of the outfits consists of a grey short sleeve T-shirt from River Island and a vintage style skirt from Forever 21. The chokers are from Primark.

P.S. Todays is the magical day when I launched my YouTube channel which means that you can watch this lookbook on a video here and see the details which the camera couldn’t depict in the photos because even though I took the pictures on my iPhone 6 plus it still looks like it was photographed with a potato, lol.

I hope you enjoyed the post and perhaps even the video and see you soon.

xoxo, S. V.


New E-Book: How to Always Look Good on a Budget

Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to make an exciting announcement. I published an E-Book! And in this post, I’m going to introduce you to my new baby.


It’s called How to Always Look Good on a Budget and you can buy it here for a super affordable price £2.30. As the name suggests, it’s fashion style guide that will help you look good on every occasion while not spending a fortune. In this book, I’ll show you how to find your own unique style, the basics of a capsule wardrobe, how to combine different clothing pieces and also where to shop. It’s a short book but definitely worth the money.

This book is dedicated to everyone with a passion for fashion as I have. Whether you’re a student, have a not so prosperous job or just want to look presentable at every occassion for an affordable price, this book is perfect for you. I hope you’ll enjoy and perhaps learn something new.

xoxo, S. V.

Tips for running

Hello everyone,

I’m an avid runner. One of my ultimate goals in life is to run a marathon. I want to experience the feeling of victory upon yourself when crossing the finish line after the tiresome 26 miles. However, before I do so I’d like to share some tips for running with you. I noticed a lot of runners have quite unique ways of running which definitely hinder their experiences doing that sport. Maybe you’re already on the running bandwagon too and maybe you want to start. In both cases, this post is for you!

TIP no. 1: Use your arms
I noticed a lot of people run with their arms slightly bent in elbows and that’s it. In fact, you should be moving them too. Your arms should be bent in elbows in a 90 degree angle each and coordinate with the motion of your legs. When you run, it’s not just about legs, it’s about the coordination of the whole body.

TIP no. 2: Straighten up
You shouldn’t be bent over while running. And yet there are some runners who do that. This posture can be quite dangerous for your body and is certainly not beneficial as running should be. In fact, in order to achieve the best posture for running, you should strengthen your core.

TIP no. 3: Move your legs more
Some runners are basically dragging their legs on the ground. I get it. You’re exhausted and want to finally achieve your imaginary finish line. But if you raise your knees slightly higher when running, you’ll feel better. I promise.

TIP no. 4: Breathe
I feel like this one is sometimes overlooked. Of course, you’re unconsciously breathing all the time. However, so as to run more comfortably you need do breathe deep. You don’t need to actually count for how long you breathe in and out. Next time you go for a run pay a close to your breathing pattern.

xoxo, S. V.

Summer 2017 Trends I Like and Don’t Like

Hello everyone,

There are a lot of trends out there going on right now. I don’t religiously follow all of them because quite frankly, I don’t like all of them. I’m aware of trends. I acknowledge them and some of them I just pass by without noticing. For instance, I’m more of a natural colour fan so I’m not really into that bright colour trend. Likewise, the floral pattern/embroidery. It’s super romantic, yes, but it’s just not my kind of style. So let’s look at some more specific trends, shall we?



Sheer materials

Okay, this is not exactly more specific. I guess that after my couple of previous posts you realised this would probably end up on this list. I just love anything see-through at the moment. It makes you feel naked and dressed at the same time, which doesn’t sound so appealing but for some strange reason, it is.



I’m aware this is not a huge trend anymore, but I’m still into it. If you don’t wear them with every single day, they can be a unique accessory that can spice the outfit up. Even a classic choker without any embellishments can upgrade the most boring outfit.



And now let’s talk about the trends I’m not so keen on.

Fishnet tights

I like them on pictures, okay? That’s it. I don’t think I would be able to wear them outside. I’ll save them for my annual prostitute mask for Halloween.


Denim jackets

This one is also not so hot anymore but even back them I just couldn’t fall for it. It’s not exactly my style and I know if I bought a denim jacket, I would wear it once or maybe twice, and then it would be hanging in my wardrobe until I’d decide to dispose of it.

And I guess that’s it for today’s post.

xoxo, S. V.


Mesh Obsession

Hello everyone,

Mesh and any kind of sheer material, in general, is huge this season. So let’s have a look at some the best pieces I managed to find for you.




Let’s start with something basic such as this bodysuit from which is available in different colours than black as well.

But, if you don’t feel brave enough to wear this completely sheer bodysuit, I would have a look at this one from H&M.



Corset Bralet Top

Mesh corsetI fell in love with this piece from River Island. I mean, it’s probably not something I would wear on a daily basis but damn it!



Mesh leggingsFor the sporty girls out there, I’ve got you covered with this leggings from H&M. These are perfect for those days when you’re not sure if you want to wear shorts or actual leggings.


Floral dress

dressThis romantic floral dress from River Island is just stunning! It doesn’t need any more words of praise.


Embroidered Top

topAnd let’s remain in River Island and with the floral pattern. It’s great if you want to look elegant and sexy at the same time.

Or if you fancy something more revealing, I would have a look at this beauty from Forever 21.


And now excuse me, I have some shopping to be done!

xoxo, S. V.