June 2017 Fashion Haul

Hello everyone,

June was quite a hectic month for me. Transferring to a different uni, moving to London, looking for a new job. But in the meantime I managed to do a little shopping to treat myself.


Mesh Bomber


When I saw this partly mesh bomber on Boohoo.com I just had to own it. I wanted something unique, something different and this was exactly what I was looking for. It’s perfect for summer when there’s not cold anymore but not as hot to not wear anything on top. Who cares it’s supposed to be a sports jacket?


Mesh T-shirt

MeshTEven though my style is usually kind of classy with nothing much extra, sometimes I like to dress more like a whore and so I ordered this T-shirt from Boohoo.com as well. I’m not trying to say that you look like a whore wearing this. Not at all. It’s just something I don’t feel like wearing every day. And that’s why I bought it because I need more unique/occasional stuff to wear.


Trench coat

SummerTrenchOkay. I already have one trench coat from Zara which I’m obssessed with. But that one is more for cold weather. This one from Primark is lighter and more eligible for slightly warmer weather. Therefore it’s perfect for summer in the UK. Now that if you meet me and ask me why I’m wearing the same trench coat all year round I will be like: “Ah no, it’s actually two different coats!”.

Storytime: I was recently in Victoria & Albert Museum in London with my friend Libby and they had there a pair of Christian Louboutin heels from 2014 on display. So, first of all, I find that item to be too recent to be an exhibit of a museum and while I was imagining a lady walking by in the same pair of pumps and feeling like she needs to buy new ones, it occured to me that maybe when I become a successful writer and later die, someone will take my iconic trench coat and put it in the museum as well. 😀


Feathery heels

FeatherHeelsCan we just appreciate for a while how exquisite these shoes are? Like seriously. I’ve been dreaming of these for some time now but never really found an affordable version and if I did my mum’s voice in my head was constantly telling me I don’t need them. Of course I don’t NEED them but if I shopped for clothes only because I needed it, I wouldn’t have basically anything. So when I saw these in Primark I just knew I needed them.


Studded heels

StuddedHeelsYou know, I have a lot of high heel shoes. Like loads of them. But none of them is like this cheap dupe from Primark of the Valentino original. So why not?



HeadphonesI was simply astounded by the beauty of these headphones from Topshop. I just can’t get enough of the rose quartz-ish decor on them.

So there you have it. Expect a lookbook including these new items soon.

xoxo, S. Viktorie

5 Best Highstreet Fashion Shops

Hello everyone,

Today I will be sharing with you my favourite highstreet fashion shops. Just to clarify, I don’t shop only in these stores. These are my go-to where I usually shop, where I always find what I need. So if you want to look good on a budget and find some dupes of designer clothes definitely check out these.


River Island

This one is my absolute favourite. Every time I want to buy something more extra than I normaly wear I go to River Island. They know how to satisfy my glittery dress obsession. Everything there is super affordable and oh my god! These shoes there! Divine!



I shop mostly for basics in H&M and since half of my wardrobe consists of basics I spent loads of time and money in H&M. Every time I need a new classic white T-shirt I know exactly where to go.


Forever 21

Forever 21 has everything I need. From basics to some extra stuff. Once againg, everything there is super affordable and pretty.



To be honest, I don’t shop online that often. Simply because I like to know exactly how the item looks like and of course I want to try it on before I purchase it. But I was pleasantly surprised with the stuff I received from boohoo.com on the first time so I’ve been using this website since.



Okay, me and Primark we had kind of a yes-no relationship at first. When I saw how crowded it usually was I was quite intimidated to shop there. But now it’s clear to me why. All of the items they sell are super cheap so you get a lot of things without spending an outrageous amount of money. I made a small haul this month in Primark so stay tuned!

xoxo, S. Viktorie

My tattoos and their meanings

In today’s post, I will show you my tattoos and their meanings. My tattoo collection is quite small. It only counts three tattoos, so far. All of my tattoos have a meaning. I am not the type of person who would draw something permanent on their skin, which is fine if you get tattoos only for the aesthetic side of it, but for me, the meaning is important, too.

My first tattoo which I got in 2014 says “Trust Your Heart”, and means exactly what it says. Surprising, right? Although the meaning might seem simple and obvious, I tend to forget that. I do not usually trust my heart but my brain instead. I am not saying that is wrong. However, the problem with me is that I cannot be spontaneous from time to time and tend to overthink literally everything. From what and when exactly I will eat, what to wear, what consequences my actions will have. And the list goes on, so I thought this might be nice and reminding the first tattoo.

My second tattoo from 2015 is an arrow which has sort of two meanings. It is a reminder of my obsessions with Tolkien’s elves (because they are excellent archers) and archery in general. Yes, I am such a nerd. Moreover, it represents me as an arrow that is aiming for its target and just goes for it, however, also needs a bow to help with finding the direction and setting the speed. Well, I sometimes need a little push to get moving so that is why the bow is not included.

My most recent tattoo, also from 2015, is “la vie est belle” and gave the name to this blog. This French quote placed on my forearm is the classic type of a positivity tattoo. You know, the type that reminds you that life is or can be beautiful and keeps you going. I did not want to have tattooed the usual “Stay Strong” or something so typical like that. This seemed like an ideal quotation for the purpose. It somehow became my motto and keeps me going, indeed.

This is definitely not my last tattoo. I am certainly planning to have done more. Yes, it is a kind of addiction. Of course, it hurts. When you are having it scraped to your skin, you are telling yourself “Nevermore!”. But once you leave the studio you realise it was not that bad and it was actually worth it. Let me know what is your view on tattoos!

xoxo, S. Viktorie

Writer’s block

I was sitting in my Academic English class (class for non-native English speakers) the other day, and our teacher asked, what was the writer’s block. Of approximately twenty people (none of them studying English) I was the only one who knew the answer. Initially, I had planned to write Monthly favourites blog post, but I do not have many favourites for October, so I thought I would show you what it feels like to have the writer’s block.

What the heck are words? I had a great scene in front of my eyes yesterday when I was trying to fall asleep, so right now I am just sitting here and staring at my computer. As my creative writing teacher says, “The rule number one is to give yourself permission to write rubbish.” The second rule sounds somehow like this, “Don’t think about what you’re writing you just have to vomit your ideas on your screen/paper. Only that way you can fully express your emotions.” Quite frankly, it seems my previous inspiration, which I’ve been fed yesterday has already been digested from my stomach, so I’ve got nothing to throw up, at the moment. Next time, when the muse kisses me at night, I’ll get up and write it down instantly.
Maybe if I hit the keyboard with my head, something meaningful will come out. jaehfgvbopgbv jdffhgaigrgbdbbfkjhgdbnfhugHRGVNJB JFKJGHAFGA ghajbvdaughbfDGHfkjbFaoIHJOERH. See? This makes much more sense than what I’ve written so far.

xoxo, S. Viktorie

Is having children selfish?


Today I will be writing about quite controversial/unpopular opinion topic, which is having children. Personally, I do not want to have them, and this statement mostly startles the people who are asking me.
Usually, people ask themselves whether is NOT having children selfish. The fact that I do not want to have children does not mean I do not want to become a parent one day. For someone, it might seem the same, but for me, it is not.
There are 7 billion of people in the world, and this number is increasing, and is beyond the capacity of this planet, by the way. And that means, among other things, hunger and a lot of people without homes. Indeed, this is one of the reasons because I do not want to contribute to this global issue.
The second reason is related to the previous one. There are a lot of children without families, so if I ever decide to become a parent, I will adopt a child. And yes, besides biological reasons, these are a few of my main arguments. I am not saying that having children is particularly selfish, but from this point of view, it is.
I am certainly not telling that other people should follow my example. It is just my personal decision, and arguments I find appropriate.

xoxo, S. Viktorie

Atheism – a kind of religion?


This is the very first attempt to express my kind of philosophical self. Please, do not get offended by my writing style or opinions and enjoy, if possible. 😉

According to statistics one-third of the world population are atheists. Me, as someone who hails from the most atheistic country in Europe, find this topic rather interesting. About 50% of citizens in the Czech Republic claim to be not religious, but instead of God, a significant part of them still believes in something beyond our world, myself included. The main difference is I call it The Universe because I was not brought up in the faith of God, therefore I find myself incompetent to call it that way.
While doing my minor research for this post I was quite surprised by the number of types of atheism. In the broadest sense, it means the absence of belief in deities and as far as I am concerned none of them admits that kind of faith (or philosophy, if you want) I described. Although, this all denies the headline of this post, for me atheism is kind of personal religion, or even better in this case – philosophy, only without any sacred texts and mythological figures. I mean, there must be something that influences our world from above, right?

xoxo, S. Viktorie

Travel essentials

Hello everyone,

So summer is finally here again! The season which we all have been patiently waiting for the whole year.  The season when we all are looking forward to travelling to some distant places, and I have a couple of things you should add to your packing checklist.

I am personally not travelling to anywhere this summer because I am moving to London. However, I have to pack my suitcase lightly because the first month I will spend attending a language school, and then I will eventually move to a flatshare, and of course, I do not want to scare the flatmates with the enormous amount of my stuff.

I will not talk about clothes a lot because it depends on the type of trip, and I suppose you would not forget to pack a swimsuit to a seaside vacay. So let’s get started!

FullSizeRender (2)

Large tote bag

To keep all your belongings there. In case that you are travelling to the seaside, it might be a beach bag perhaps, too. But you should definitely also pack some clutch for dining out or evening walks on the beach or parties in the city.

Comfy flats

Yep, most of us are not made to travel in high heels. Anyway, it does not mean you should not have them packed with you. Sandals to the seaside, classic pumps would be perfect for the city.

Large hat

Will keep you stylish while travelling and save your head from the sun at the beach.


These will cover your sleepiness on the day of travelling and will protect your eyes from the sun the whole during the vacay.

Warmer clothes

I do not know how about you but I am always so cold while the flight, so definitely wear some cardigan and usual trousers. The weather can suddenly change during your trip as well, you never know.


Phone, tablet, laptop, kindle, whatever you want. For me, it is a good book, iPod and headphones.