Travel essentials

  So summer is finally here again! The season which we all have been patiently waiting for the whole year.  The season when we all are looking forward to travelling to some distant places, and I have a couple of things you should add to your packing checklist.

I am personally not travelling to anywhere this summer because I am moving to London. However, I have to pack my suitcase lightly because the first month I will spend attending a language school, and then I will eventually move to a flatshare, and of course, I do not want to scare the flatmates with the enormous amount of my stuff.

I will not talk about clothes a lot because it depends on the type of trip, and I suppose you would not forget to pack a swimsuit to a seaside vacay. So let’s get started!

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Large tote bag

To keep all your belongings there. In case that you are travelling to the seaside, it might be a beach bag perhaps, too. But you should definitely also pack some clutch for dining out or evening walks on the beach or parties in the city.

Comfy flats

Yep, most of us are not made to travel in high heels. Anyway, it does not mean you should not have them packed with you. Sandals to the seaside, classic pumps would be perfect for the city.

Large hat

Will keep you stylish while travelling and save your head from the sun at the beach.


These will cover your sleepiness on the day of travelling and will protect your eyes from the sun the whole during the vacay.

Warmer clothes

I do not know how about you but I am always so cold while the flight, so definitely wear some cardigan and usual trousers. The weather can suddenly change during your trip as well, you never know.


Phone, tablet, laptop, kindle, whatever you want. For me, it is a good book, iPod and headphones.

Jewellery essentials

We already know the Wardrobe essentials and the Accessory essentials, so today we will focus on the jewellery because diamonds are every girl’s best friends, right?



You can always skip wearing any kind of jewellery but never ever earrings.

  • Clear crystal stud earrings
  • White pearl studs earrings
  • Elegant dangle earrings


  • White pearl necklace
  • Statement necklace
  • Neutral chain necklace
  • Dainty necklace for layering


Neutral chain bracelet & Simple ring

Always keep it simple.

Metal wrist watch

Let’s consider a watch as a piece of jewellery because it can be.


Piece with a meaning

And the last but not least thing you should have in your jewellery box is the one that has a meaning for you. Do not forget about this one, this is the most important piece.

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Accessory essentials

I already wrote about Wardrobe essentials but today I will focus on another part of the wardrobe, which makes the outfit unique, embellished, and somehow more done – accessories! All of the garments mentioned below you should own in neutral colours, such as black, white and beige. However, purchase colourful ones as well, they look gorgeous, too. So let’s start from the head, and continue towards the toe.


According to my experience, I know that not all people are brave enough to wear a hat, and I have no idea why. So do not worry and make your outfit special and cover your head with a hat.



Of course, because of dark circles under your eyes after yesterday’s party or you just do not want to go blind in summer.


Right now I am not talking about regular winter scarf. I mean a scarf more like a kerchief. You can make your outfit easygoing or polished with different types of kerchiefs.


At least one regular belt and one waist belt, which makes your waist look smaller. The outfit will never feel boring.


Everyone  has a bag, of course, to store all of their belongings. But various occasions require various types of bags. I think a clutch, a tote, and a crossbody or a satchel are the key pieces.



I was writing about this addictive to purchase kind of garment in the wardrobe essentials. But today we will have a look at shoes quite deeply.

I. Pumps

This is the absolute essential of a woman’s wardrobe. If you do not own at least one comfortable pair of pumps in a neutral colour make sure you will get one soon.

II. Ankle boots

These work amazing for different every-day fashion situations, especially in autumn and winter.

III. Flats

You can combine them basically with everything, and wherever you want.

IV. Sneakers

Because you never know when you might do a lot of walking or take up exercising.

V. Heeled sandals

Perfect for summer long nights.

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Wardrobe essentials

To build the perfect style your wardrobe does not have to count hundreds or thousands pieces. All you need are just a few garments which you can combine with each other, and create the perfect outfit for the day.


The classic and timeless coat which you can wear whole autumn and winter. Plus appropriately chosen coat can conjure you up an amazing silhouette.



Yeah, cozy sweather is always handy.


This one is not perfect just for days in work, it is a great garment for every day wearing.

Little black dress

Because sometimes you have nothing to wear to a party or a meeting, and having a well-fitng little black dress in your wardrobe is always an advantage.

Little white dress

This is my absolute favourite. Well, white colour in general is my favourite. If LBD is a classic, then for me LWD is the new classic. Who would not like to look super tenderly?


Moto jacket

Perfect spring and early autumn garment. Try to combine with a white blouse.


Same as the white blouse, wear it to work meetings or when you just want to look chic.


I suppose this is obvious. Long-sleeve, short-sleeve, etc. Colours such as black, hite or beige are essential. And do not forget about stripped one!


Obviously, again. Black, white, and jeans of course.


Yes, because women love to wear skirts. Keep eye on leather mini ones and A-line ones.



You should definitely please your little black and little white dress with several pairs of pumps in neutral colours.


Since not all of us are Carrie Bradshaw-like to wear heels all day, we have to own some comfortable shoes, as well.

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